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The All New StreamRocket.TV Box connects via hardwired internet or WiFi the most reliable device in the market today, simply self update when prompted to do so, it’s that easy.

StreamRocket.TV a trusted source

100% Reliable Live Streaming Updates

The StreamRocket.TV box plugs into your TV HDMI port and let you watch Movies, TV Series, Sporting events (around the world). StreamRocket.TV a platform that provides ultimate viewing experience, sit home in your comfort zone or carry along wherever you go and enjoy the full range of channels available.

We’re Better. Here’s Why ?

Multi-Device Compatibility

StreamRocket.TV is compatible with Smart IPTV, Personal Computers, Laptops, Mobile, Tablet, MAG and Enigma devices. You can enjoy our Channels List in any device.

Plug And Play

StreamRocket.TV has no restrictions to be carried to. Carry it anywhere you go, just plug it in the TV HDMI port and watch TV all day long.

Software Purchase

Please choose the best package that is right for you.


StreamRocket.TV products and receivers are intended for Free-To-Air use only (public signals without any cost) and are shipped with the latest factory software the manufacturer provides for such a purpose. StreamRocket.TV does not modify or alter any equipment or provide support for piracy. We will not provide illegal third party software in our receivers with the endeavor of stealing satellite signals that any provider charges for. We do not support any server that are used to support such efforts. Our products are warranted only against manufacturer defects for Free-To-Air use; thus, placing third party firmware on any of our receivers will void the warranty. StreamRocket.TV, will not be responsible for any miss use executed by the buyer. We only offer support for issues related to the factory specifications. We do not accept calls for matters not related to the original factory settings.

Get In Touch

Streamrocket.tv a platform that provides ulimate viewing experience, sit home tight and enjoy the full range of channels available.

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